Our Story


I started working as XOXO in 2010, in Philadelphia PA. 

My love for walls and textures goes back far.  I've been documenting beautiful surfaces since I first picked up a camera as a child.  My studies, at the Rhode Island School of Design in the textiles program, grew and grew in scale until I was covering walls with print designs, hand-stenciled wallpapers, and overwhelming colors.  Since then I have always worked big, and interior design is the perfect application for my love of this scale.

 I started working on XOXO in 2010 after I had left URBN Inc. to work on retail design and visual display projects with boutiques and for events.  I then developed finishes for Free People's evolving brick-and-mortar spaces and we came up with many finishes that I still use today!  

Since then my team and I have completed hundreds of projects, from retail spaces, to commercial office spaces, to restaurants, to homes.  We look forward to traveling to interesting places for work and taking on all kinds of challenges!  XOXO is Luren Jenison, sister Claire Jenison, James Pettengill, and many other friends who pop up and sling the sauce whenever they can!



We are happy to work on any scale of project, and develop finishes that work into most budgets, by working with  many different materials and processes to create finishes for all levels of cost.  Don't be afraid to reach for the finish that you are dreaming of!